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Witness Your Era - Audi's New Rear Seat Entertainment System Launches on the Market

The Audi A6L has a sporty roof line, a sleek layered waistline design, and a avant-garde eye-catching dual face version appearance. Its high-definition matrix LED headlights that resemble daylight make the night feel like daylight, and you are the focus of everyone when driving.

As a C-class sedan, the Audi A6L has always been the benchmark for domestic executive sedans, with spacious rear seats that exude elegance and composure. Such a spacious rear seat makes it a better match for the rear seat entertainment system.

The Audi exclusive rear seat entertainment system for Audi is equipped with a 13.3-inch full HD IPS screen and an 8-core A55 main control

Industry first all aluminum alloy body with excellent heat dissipation effect

Ultra thin design, does not occupy rear space

Exclusive patent hardware of Aobenma for non-destructive installation of the original parking space, firm and reliable

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